Pink-grey brushstrokes just above the horizon

Palest of blue blending to the lightest of grey above

Black speckles darting across the sky

Landing on branches rising and falling with the breeze
Orange-pink crawls across the horizon

Holding little promise of any warmth

All that is silhouetted against the ever-changing backdrop

Dances on the wind, swaying side to side

As the chill of the morn permeates the air
Cotton wool softness of clouds blanket the vastness

Leaves rustle and birdsong takes flight

Starkness of a single bare-branched tree confronts

Barren coldness soon to be upon us
Gradually the glow disappears; no pink nor orange

Faint yellow briefly washes across the tufted cotton wool

White and grey now in front of the pale blue

Colder and colder the air and day feels
Glorious is the privilege to witness the sunrise

Hopeful is the promise of the light of day

Gentle is the sway of life, ebbing and flowing

Dance like the leaves, sing like the birds
For today is your canvas upon which you write your story

More memories to make and words to speak

Moments to cherish and dreams to awaken

Honour the sunrise and make your story worthy to tell

morning sunrise

Image credit: realworkhard@pixabaye

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