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This worsening drought that we are experiencing throughout the country is harrowing. People and animals are suffering. Many times, I see that the small things do count. They can make the difference between folks crumbling under the sheer weight of stress or seeing a flicker of hope that tomorrow could be a better day.

Kindness and generosity of thought or deed can be two simple ways we can offer that glimpse of hope. Without this hope, the barely tolerable can become unbearable. This has been the case for many, and it is heartbreaking.

I urge everyone to spend some time pondering the small changes that you can make, right now. It could be a change in how you shop or where you purchase your food from. Other ways include considering if you can donate to drought relief organisations or send a letter or email of support to anyone on the land or in rural communities.

Small things do count. I am sure there are countless more ways that we can offer our support to those struggling as a direct result of this crippling drought. Any way you and your family are doing this is awesome. I would be grateful if you could share what small things you are doing. This may inspire others to do the same.

The animals need to be recipients of the kindness and help too, so please spare a thought for these creatures as well. What can we do to ease the suffering of working dogs and livestock on the farms? Wildlife need help too because they don’t have access to adequate water and feed either.

Recently I was scoffed at for providing water dishes for bees. I will continue to do this for the bees, birds, lizards and other creatures that venture into our garden. I, for one, enjoy the natural sweetener and health benefits I get from honey. Without our bees, we won’t have any honey. We need these wonderful little pollinators for our fruit and vegetable production too. Bees count. Without them, forget having fresh produce.

Small things do count. Kindness matters. Without it, the almost intolerable becomes unbearable.

Small things do count. Without our farmers, graziers and market gardeners where will our fresh food come from?

Small things do count. Without those on the land, buying locally, communities and businesses dwindle.

Small things do count. What small thing are you going to do today onwards to make it count for someone not as fortunate as you are now?

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