Dear Grandfather – A Letter to You

Dear Grandfather,

I found that bizarre, writing that salutation, as I had not ever before thought whether I would call you Grandfather, Granddad, Pa or what our name for you would have been.

It seems ‘bizarre’ is a theme that resonates with you. I, being fifty years of age before seeing a photo of you, I also find rather bizarre.

As too is the lack of information about you. Why were we, your descendants, disconnected from your family line?

Eternal gratitude fills my core, when my beloved uncles give me snippets of insight into you through their precious memories.

Those are much more wholesome than the pure facts that I have been able to obtain through my own research and that which has been passed onto me by a relative or two.

Within, I have a deep longing to know more about you; the little things, the quirks, the characteristics, your personality, likes and dislikes.

Sadly, this will never be. My uncles are ageing and soon, those memories they have, will travel with them on their final journey.

Trying to piece together any small semblance of your life has proven very challenging indeed. Small details are available here and there, yet nothing to form a comprehensive timeline of your short life.

Questions are never-ending and few answers are discovered. For the ones that do come forth, only serve to unfold even more questions.

Were you a gentleman? Were you a loner? Did you live a happy and fulfilled life?

Oh, dear Grandfather, if only I could have known you and asked you these very questions, and so many more.

And, if only my own father had clearer memories of you, he could have shared with me before his life was shortened too.

Without you, I would not be here today. That is a simple fact.

I feel my connection to you, and I feel your presence. Shivers run down my spine and hair raises up the back of my neck.  Then, your presence wraps around me like a soft blanket on a cold night.

Dear Grandfather, stay with me a while. Be around me. Sometimes that is enough.

Love, your grand-daughter, Sue xx

Dear Grandfather of mine

Image: Sydney David Brown


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