Sarah and the Dream: a story beginning

Goosebumps crept upwards from her lower back and a shiver shot up her spine. Tingles spread across her shoulders and up her neck. The warmth of a breath tickled her ear. Softness of lips caressed her cheek.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Her body startled. The abrupt ear-piercing screech was unforgiving and relentless. She outstretched her hand, fumbling its way over the beautiful items adorning her mahogany bedside table. Eventually her fingers found the target. Ah! Silence restored.

A deep sigh drifted from her body.

Slithers of golden light speared through the lace curtains over the large glossy white framed bedroom window. A kookaburra’s laughter echoed across the still morning air. Blue-green leaves on gum trees sat motionless, waiting for the breeze to invite them to dance.

With a high stretch of her arms upwards, Sarah planted her feet firmly on the oversized shaggy rug beneath her bed. She reached for the silk robe at the foot of her bed and threw it around her, tying it loosely at the middle. A gentle creak of protest came from the warm floorboards under her footsteps as she crossed her bedroom. Never would she tire hearing that sound, she thought.

Stepping into the hallway, greeted by the coffee aroma wafting from the kitchen, her senses were awoken. She adored this new coffee machine, with a timer, as it allowed her to sleep in that few minutes more. Gratitude filled her heart at the thought of her mum. She was the one who had been thoughtful and given her the coffee machine for her last birthday. Sarah warmed a croissant and placed it on her favourite hand-painted china plate, covering the dainty little pansies smiling up at her.

With coffee and croissant on the little timber tray her dad had made her, she meandered through the house to the veranda. It wrapped around every side of her quaint home, the boards glistening from being recently oiled. Setting the tray upon the small round table, she curled her legs under her in a cushioned cane rocking chair.

Her eyes swept upwards, searching the landscape for the kookaburra she had heard earlier. A shiver coursed through her body; her dream had rushed into her memory.

Sarah and her veranda where her dream comes back

Image credit: James DeMers @Pixabay

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