An Unforgotten Night on the Mountain

There he stood, silent and still, silhouetted against the golden sunset. The softening warmth of the day lending way to the crisp evening air. His tall, lean figure looked so fine against the late afternoon backdrop beyond the mountain.

Gazing over the flowing landscape that Sarah discerned went on for miles, was a splendid sight to behold. Nature’s palette of greens and browns danced in the last sunrays of the day.

A perfect moment, a perfect image; if only darkness would not encroach so imminently. She had a deep yearning to savour this scene for longer. How magical it would be if time could be frozen.

Whilst taking in all the wonder of the natural world, her thoughts wandered. Soon she felt an insignificant part of it; a tiny speck in the vast universe.

He moved from the ledge, stepping from rock to rock with such precision and as sure-footed as any creature accustomed to this environment.

An extended hand reached out towards Sarah, jolting her back to the present. She startled so readily that it was as if an electric shock had coursed through her body.

The time had come where they needed to begin the trek back down the mountain. The aim was to reach the base before darkness wrapped its arms around them.

The remainder of the group gathered and initiated the journey downwards. There was no time for being lost in the moment now; concentration was paramount. It was not an arduous hike downhill however focus was necessary in the waning light.

Descending the mountain seemed much faster than their climb up it. Daylight disappeared far too swiftly. The further they travelled, the less light they had. It soon became apparent they would be finishing their downhill trek in darkness.

Only one or two in the group had headlamps in their packs. They came to a stop on flatter ground to retrieve the lights and determine who would lead and who would be at the rear.

As they gathered, they soon realised that Troy was not with them. Where was he? Jovial laughs and comments were tossed around, expecting him to suddenly appear any second to scare them.

The minutes began to pass as they set up the headlamps and secured their packs onto their backs once more. Still no Troy. Now a silence swept over the group before it was abruptly broken by the shrieking call of Troy’s name.

Sarah was beginning to feel a sickness bubble in the pit of her stomach. Something wasn’t right. Her thoughts became frantic. What has happened to Troy!


Another fictional piece I wrote came from a followers story prompt suggestion. You can read the story here: Amelia and her double digit agony

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silouette on the mountain



  1. Sue,
    I loved this storyline and hope you plan to keep working with the story. Your words give great description and that is something I still am working to improve my style.
    Shirl Crimmins Smith

    1. Shirl, thank you so very much for your generous comment. This feedback is encouraging, inspiring and greatly appreciated.
      Initially I had not thought past writing it as a very short story. I am considering developing it further.
      Please keep writing! With practice and consistency, we will develop our style and hone our craft.
      Many thanks,
      Mumma Sue x

      Mumma Sue
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