My Happy Self

What is My Happy Self?

My Happy Self, to me, is defined by being in a state of feeling the most purest joy within my heart and soul.

Happiness as we know, is not a constant state of being. It fluctuates, disappears, comes in waves, and varies in intensity.

When am I My Happy Self – Firstly

I am My Happy Self the most when I am with my loved ones, and when I am creating.

Happiness is at its utmost when my arms are wrapped around my grandchildren, holding them in my embrace until they choose to break the hug. Listening to their stories, hearing their laughter, and watching their curiosity of the world around them gives me a happy high.

Hearing my phone ringing and picking it up to hear my daughters or sons voices fills the happy pot to the point of overflowing.

As my older grandchildren are navigating their teen years, my happy meter goes off the scale when these teen grandkids talk to me about matters that are confusing or troubling them. I am so happy they feel safe and trust our relationship to voice their innermost thoughts and worries.

When am I My Happy Self – Secondly

To balance all that is shared in our family, I create across the spectrum of creative writing, and creating images to share on my social media. I enter another world when I am writing and creating. This is my little bubble of colours, words, and bliss.

When I share my creations, the resulting engagement that follows with my wonderful readers, who have become friends, makes my heart swell. My whole being feels energised.

My Happy Self

The simple things are what fills my cup of happiness – and these are mostly things that are experienced. However, giving and receiving material items can also contribute as it turns to gratitude for the thoughtfulness, and when those items trigger the memories of happiness.

As I navigate life’s roller-coaster of highs and lows, treasuring all that comes into my world, and surviving the most challenging of times, a deep sense of appreciation for the periods of happiness prevail. Without the stumbles, the pitfalls, and the difficulties, one would not be able to grasp the enormity of the times when I am My Happy Self.

When do you experience pure happiness? What fills up your happy cup?

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