Life’s Certainties – there is more than one

What is Life’s Certainties

Life’s certainties are often referred to as solely death and taxes. How many times have you heard that over your lifetime?

Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote said, “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.”

The dictionary definition of certainty is: ‘firm conviction that something is the case.’

In the above example of life’s certainties, that definition fits.

However, there are more certainties in life than those two.

Let’s explore some.

The Definite Certainties

Sunrise – there is sure to be one tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that, and so on. We may not witness it everyday with changing weather however it is there when the clouds clear.

Dog’s happy to see us – our dog, and most other dogs will be abundantly happy to see us. Their whole being radiates joy and unconditional love at seeing us. There is a notable exception, such as approaching a guard dog or one we do not know.

Change – we never remain exactly as we are in this very moment. Circumstances and opportunities in our lives are catalysts for change within us. Some of us will change less over our lifetime compared to others who are on a continual journey of personal growth and change. There is also the physical changes that begin from the moment of birth over our lifetime.

You cannot please the masses – irrespective of how much we try to accommodate everyone, not all of them are going to understand us, or agree with us.

Rejection – we will all experience it in one form or another. It will likely be uncomfortable and we may not navigate it well.

Pain – be it physical or emotional, there is no escaping it. We will feel it in varying intensities dependent upon the circumstances.

Love – whether it be parental, spousal, sibling, relative or from pets and friends, we are loved by someone.

More Certainties?

Are there more? Have you ever given it thought?

I would appreciate you sharing your view on Life’s Certainties and if you agree with the Definite Certainties noted, and any others you believe are to be true.

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life's certainties begin at birth

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