Hello Mr Scott

Such a familiar sound these days that blends into the common noise of my day.

Ding again.
Another alert I have a message on my social media.

“Hello” reads the message from a person unknown to me.
“Hello Mr Scott” I reply.

Just as I am typing “How can I help you?” another message from Mr Scott arrives in my Inbox.
“How are you doing?” he asks.

Being polite, I reply to this question and begin typing my question again to ask the basis of Mr Scott’s inquiry.

Once again his next question arrives before I can send mine. In hindsight, it would have been most helpful to have simply asked my question at this point. Mr Scott is messaging me on my business page.

Needless to say, as I suspected, Mr Scott’s following question confirmed my gut feeling. Mr Scott has zero interest in my business.

“Are you married with kids, single, or divorced?”

Well Mr Scott, that is something you are going to be left to ponder without my response. However I sense ‘he’ is not at all interested in the answer.

It is a disappointing state of affairs that one is unlikely to truly know who is behind the ‘identity’ of Mr Scott. Man, woman or youth – there is no way of telling.

Thankfully I did not waste more than a couple of minutes on the exchange of pleasantries. I am also grateful and reassured given I have very good security on my devices.

There are many Mr Scott’s crawling through social media with no interest in what people are sharing or selling.

What a shame they do not use their skills for the betterment of humanity. Can you imagine the same energy they expend trying to extort people going into contributing to positive change?

Well Mr Scott, have a nice day. And goodbye!


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