Worthy of Celebration


This past weekend I had a private celebration for one month of being on my transformational journey. One whole month! It actually seems like it has been much longer than that.

To think that one month ago, in one moment, one decision changed the entire trajectory of my journey. I cannot imagine it possible to be better than it has been. Each day has simply been amazing – even the ones where challenges arose.

Rise and Fall

And like every up, there comes a down.

I noticed I had been a bit out of kilter for the last couple of days. Nothing major – just not feeling myself, and yesterday, the flow I have been experiencing, was absent.

So in typical me-style, I began to explore how this came to be.

My awareness helped identify which areas in my day have been affected recently. Soon I could see there had been a domino affect.

I sat in reflection, and in celebration, of my awareness.

Contributing Factors

The Weather – With many rainy and windy days, I have not been able to go out on my walk on a daily basis. Apart from the lost physical benefits, the emotional and mental ones are losing out too. I am not getting that interaction with other people. Nor am I getting the grounding in nature. I am missing out on exposure to Vitamin D also. All significantly important for my overall well-being.

My Nutrition – On the weekend I attended a social engagement. The majority of the food was outside of my usual nutrition. I had shunned the idea of taking food with me. In hindsight, that would have been a wise choice. As I was hungry, I ate foods that I know my body does not tolerate well. I also ate ones I know are void of nutrients. The impact – what I have fed my gut, has fed the bad bacteria in my gut. That in turn, through the gut-brain link, has impacted my thoughts.

The impact of less physical activity and conscientious nutritional choices had been immediate.

Once again I was in celebration, this time for my body alerting me to its needs.

Coming Full Circle

I feel gratitude for my knowledge and awareness guiding me to the root cause of not being fully present in my day, in the best possible ways. Procrastination had surfaced, and I was over-thinking. I had allowed former conditioning into my present thinking. My mental and emotional wellness had been affected by various factors.

However, I was able to swiftly return to the rituals and practices that are helpful in keeping me grounded, calm, and focused. I may stumble but I will not fall.

Above all, my joy and happiness elevated when I took action on tasks and followed the structure I had built for my days. Incorporating the rituals and routine eliminated the procrastination and pushed my thinking into a focused view.

This has brought me into a state of celebration for my capacity for learning, knowledge, and ultimately – wisdom.



Image by artturi mantysaari

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