Self care

Some days I feel like I can take on the world and other days I need to do what soothes my soul. Then there are days when there is compromise between doing what I feel needs to be done and doing what I need to in order for self-care. For anyone with a chronic condition, there is an innate need for self-care as a priority and this is not a selfish act by any means. This can often take considerable time to acknowledge and accept. There may also be a shift in your world where you do what your body and soul needs at times when you would indeed like to be doing something else. This can be a difficult pill to swallow at first. There is no place for guilt here though. Over and over again we readily take care of others without giving it a moment’s thought as we value them and the help we are able to offer. Then when it comes to ourselves, we shuffle our self-care down our lists, further and further, letting other matters take priority. Why do we do this? Are we not of great value? Once you recognise the benefits of taking care of yourself you will be able to see how you are able to participate more in life itself through being rejuvenated, energised, revitalised and more. Everyone needs to practice self-care, not merely those with chronic illnesses. It is almost as important as breathing; a necessary element in this one life we get. We often don’t challenge our thinking when we think we ‘need’ to do something or we are making a compromise that doesn’t sit comfortably. It is most helpful to pay attention to this feeling and evaluate why we are not placing ourselves as the foremost priority and examine the consequences of our decisions. So look at mastering the art of self-care through continued practice, making yourself and your well-being number one on your list from today onwards. I promise you, it is well worth it.


  1. This just made me think of my Nan. I’m always charging around trying to get huge amounts of things done, and never seeming to be enough hours in a day. Only to be told there is 24 hours in a day no different to any other day it is how you spend the time that makes it seem faster or slower than usual. And not achieving to get as many things done as possible, well as she too said “Rome, wasn’t built in a day!”. I totally have a new aspect on life, and I now try to have achievable and realistic goals. As you have pointed out, you need time for yourself, and I am slowly learning to take time for me. As hard as it may seem to be at times.

    Annette Heslin
    1. Recognising and acknowledging the need for self-care is a vital step in achieving it. I love that your Nan came to mind; she was a beautiful soul. Well done for doing the best you can of taking care of you!

      Mumma Sue

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