Just because

Just because I was overweight in childhood (in your eyes), just because I had freckles, just because I was shy, just because I didn’t cope with changes well, just because I didn’t follow your beliefs, just because I developed my own mind, just because I didn’t agree with the masses, just because.

Just because I was capable, just because I had a great memory, just because I enjoyed learning, just because I wanted to help, just because I valued what you were doing, just because I was trustworthy, just because I was good at managing my time, just because.

Just because can cause great pain or build confidence. Just because can be hurtful or helpful. Just because can almost destroy or help create. Just because; two everyday words that are just that but it is the words that follow that matter. These are the ones that will impact, sometimes profoundly so.

Have you ever had the thoughts that this happened just because of this or that happened just because of that? Perhaps in reality, it was the sum of all the just because’s that you find yourself thinking and feeling the way you do. Perhaps it was the sum of all the just because’s those around you voiced that you find yourself thinking and feeling the way you do.

How much do you allow just because to take up in your mind space? Just because you think it is, does not mean it is so. Just because this is how it has been doesn’t mean this is the way it should be. Just because this is how it is doesn’t mean it needs to be this way. Just because you deserve great days and joyous moments and a fulfilling life, leave just because behind today so that from now on, you can feel peace and contentment within.

Take care and value yourself x


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