The oddest thing…..but not really

Yesterday morning I had the oddest thing happen to me. I had a mild craving for something I had not consumed in many years; Vegemite. It was so bizarre. It didn’t take long though to realise what was actually going on. I wasn’t missing having this beloved Aussie spread at all. Instead, my body was telling me what I need. A recent blood test had shown that I am low in B vitamins; something Vegemite claims to be rich in.

When in need of ‘tweaking’ I have chosen the natural path for health maintenance and well-being as much as possible. I am well aware this choice has been frowned upon by some who know me; frown all they like I say! This is my body and in the early years after being diagnosed with a chronic illness, the greatest tool I learned was to be in tune with and listen to all the signals from my body. So I am hearing my body loud and clear today with a reminder I need to ensure I am consuming an adequate intake of vitamin B rich foods.

Not that long ago, I was asked for my tips around managing my chronic illness to help a young person who had recently been diagnosed begin navigating their way. I reminded the requestor that I follow a natural path; that was more than acceptable, so would this young person. Some tips came to mind immediately and others took a bit more thought. Not only had they become my ‘normal’ in my well-being management, I had also through my choice for natural approaches, set my chronic illness into a dormant state. I needed to sit and recall where my body had been, at its worst, and what strategies I used to help it. That was cause in itself for a big ol’ cup of gratitude. I could see what I had achieved, through being in tune with my body’s needs. This is my number one first and foremost tip – listen to your body. Rest if it is telling you need rest and if you are craving something, examine what you may be not including in sufficient quantities in your nutrition.

A few days ago in my post, I spoke of our body’s being phenomenal. I am constantly reminded of this. Scientists and health professionals are still discovering how the human body works. This is astounding given the years of research that has been undertaken in this arena. Testament though to how remarkable the homo-sapient body is.

I am very thankful for all that I have learned so far and all I am learning about my own body, how to care for it and maintain my well-being naturally. Whatever approach you take, pay a little more attention to the signals your body is giving you; you may just be surprised what you actually hear.

Take care and be well x

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