A subtle change

I had been pondering moving a shelf unit into my ‘office’ space for a while. Over the last couple of weeks I had the time but couldn’t thanks to my leg injury, until yesterday. With great joy and enthusiasm I embarked on making the change with a little helper who made it even more joyful.

My little helper jumped right in, moving things for me to get the unit in place, adjusted the shelf heights and with suggestions and trying different layouts, the myriad of items from my desk had their new home. A little adjustment here and there and woot woot, happy days!

My desk was now clutter-free, I had an organised space again and the overall feel of the room was awesome. We both stood back in astonishment as we looked at what we had achieved and how gigantic a difference one subtle change had made.

Before my leg injury, I had thought about it however allowed procrastination to rule. Why? – I don’t know. Perhaps I was looking at the entirety of it rather than focusing on the first step. Any change requires that initial movement, the one that is likely to be the most uncomfortable in the process. As the movement gains momentum and a nice flow evolves, we wonder why we hadn’t moved before now. Isn’t this glorious – to be on the passage to achievement.

In the space of uncomfortable consideration we fail to remember past experiences we have had where we were reluctant to commence the motion yet found at the end of the trip, we felt satisfaction, exultation and pride. Our attention remains with the uncomfortable feeling and our mind then plays a game of battle with ‘do-it’ and ‘give up’. ‘Give up’ will fight hard to win. For ‘Do it’ to have the best chance, a deep breath is required firstly, followed by why do I want the outcome, what is in it for me. ‘Do it’ may have to use this like a mantra to battle on to victory. And victorious it can be!

Uncomfortableness is not a state we like to be in for long and we don’t need to be. We have an innate ability to move ourselves from it, in a helpful way. Being mindful in the moment is very beneficial. Acknowledge the feelings within. Examine the options and decide which one you want to be the victor. Breathe deeply. Sit with it for a minute. Begin. Start your forward motion. Notice how you feel now. Are you breathing more calmly and fully? Are you more poised? How is the level of uncomfortableness now?

When you have achieved your desired outcome, stop again for a moment and be mindful of the feelings that now engulf your mind and body. Maybe even note them down to serve as a reminder for when you next embark on something you find uncomfortable in the moment. Whatever you do though, don’t give up, ever! Remember that a subtle change can make a major difference.

Movement is worth every bit of your time and energy, I promise x

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