Those of you, who personally know me well, know of late that I have become passionate about nutritional therapy for optimal wellness. Now I can acknowledge right here, right now, that I can get quite absorbed in this topic. And with a smile and a chuckle to myself, I hear the words ‘soapbox’ that a loved one affectionately calls it. It just makes absolute sense to me that great nutrition is the core essential element to our bodies functioning to their optimal best.

I was in quiet contemplation and as my thoughts meandered, I felt a sadness rise within, directly following a moment of happiness. I had felt delight and happiness that my tips on managing a chronic illness had been well received and met with appreciation by the young recipient and her family. This contained tips on nutritional therapy and natural approaches. Herein then comes the sadness; a deep one at that. There are people I encounter and people that I know personally, that I see suffering. They are suffering financially in an attempt to cover the exorbitant expense of medications; stress levels elevate. They are suffering side effects of the medications they are consuming which often exacerbate the very symptoms these are meant to be reducing; stress levels elevate. They are suffering tensions in their lives and households from the financial hardship, not being able to function well, disappointment and heartache of medications not eliminating the symptoms to allow them to live life well; stress levels elevate.

Stress, as we all know, is not good in the long term as it wreaks havoc on all the systems in our bodies. We need to take time to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Most people will be okay if they take stock and address it. Stress though, for anyone with a chronic illness is poison; therefore it is paramount to reduce it to a very manageable and minute level. Not easy to achieve with all the previously mentioned factors in play. As the levels of strain, pressure and worry rise, some very essential minerals and vitamins are depleted from your body. This, coupled with the havoc your bodies systems are experiencing, is going to exacerbate the symptoms of your illness and they will ensure they are heard, very loud and very clear. They will dominate the dialogue between your body and mind.

This is where sadness once again surfaces within me as it doesn’t have to be like that. Addressing what the person’s body needs at the core nutritional level is and striving to optimize them can combat a number of issues. Once this occurs, symptoms lessen in severity and number; stress reduces. Once symptoms decline, the person is able to function more; stress reduces. Once the symptoms are reduced and function improves, less medication is required; stress reduces. Once symptoms reduce, function improves, financial strain minimises then tensions in the household and with loved ones diminishes; stress reduces. With the reduction in stress levels, so too is the reduction in symptoms and the person feels astounded that they can function again, participating in life at a level they had almost forgotten. A wellness has returned.

This may sound like a simplistic view. Perhaps it is. Maybe the simplicity lies in the mere fact that our bodies require certain nutritional elements to perform all the functions we take for granted or even are not aware of, much the same as our motorised vehicles needing fuel, oil and regular servicing to operate best.

So here I have been on my soapbox as some would call it. From my view, I see it as the place of caring and kindness through helping anyone I can, have a life with less suffering.

Take care one and all. Be well x

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