Embracing a change

Some years ago I attended an in-house professional development course with my then employer. There were two amazingly awesome presenters; a husband and wife team whose names escape me at the moment yet I remember the husband talked of Argentina and the wife had an allergy. This lovely couple and their mannerisms reminded me of my late aunt and uncle. It was a sheer joy to be in the room with them.

I was so taken with their delivery style and the content they presented that the following year I convinced the conference planning committee to consider them as presenters for a session at our upcoming whole of team conference. That too became a session I was so engrossed in however, I did take note of the reactions of some of the team members – it was very interesting.

The initial session they had presented was on embracing change. Two other colleagues from our team attended also. I smile now as I recall that the three of us were the first ones to seek out other opportunities beyond that team and employer. So, embrace change we did, in more ways than one. I believe the three of us needed the change and without participating in that session, we may not have moved forward as soon as we did or at all. Successful it was, that’s for sure.

The observations I had from the conference session gave me a deeper insight into some of the team members. One in particular comes to mind and the awkwardness that person displayed when a particular segment of the session was delivered, has stayed with me. I was not surprised at the behaviour yet I am certain they were surprised at their reaction to the content. Somehow though I still feel today that the person would not have developed the capabilities to look inward and view the impact of their everyday behaviours upon others.

One of the trio of us, who moved on from that workplace, a lovely gentle and kind woman, gave me a beautiful quote one day when I was challenged. It says;

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘I will try again tomorrow.’ “– Mary Anne Radmacher

I kept, framed and displayed it on a cabinet I walk by every day. It reminds me of her and the genuine caring she showed me. I am still touched by her kindness that day and the other occasions I was the fortunate recipient.

The words of the quote resonate and inspire. I am grateful for all that came out of attending the course and all that helped me along my journey x

Photo credit: Andrew Martin (UK)

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