Things I don’t understand

I was in my backyard watering plants and heard something that started a chain reaction of thoughts. Laugh along with me (or at me) of the things I don’t understand.

I don’t understand why some folks mow first then whipper snip? Whipper snip first so the mower picks up the cut edges makes more sense to me

I don’t understand how I can manage to end up with water in one of my shoes whenever I am watering my garden

I don’t understand why some folks would rather throw out belongings that are still of use rather than giving it to charity or pay it forward

I don’t understand why some tradespeople do not bother to clean up after themselves. The ones that do stick in my memory and I am always more than happy to recommend them to others

I don’t understand why some folks don’t bother to check why their dogs are barking excessively. Check to see if it okay, has all that it needs and if it is protecting your property or lonely

I don’t understand how some folks who have more than they need won’t part with it and it is the folks that have little in the way of time, finances or belongings that are the ones who readily offer assistance to those in need

I don’t understand why some folks don’t put their rubbish in the bins to help keep our beautiful country clean

I don’t understand why there are not more acts of kindness. It costs nothing

I don’t understand how some folks just couldn’t be bothered to do something to help another when they have the opportunity to

I don’t understand why there is not more sharing of surplus home-grown produce with our neighbours. The benefits are amazing – locally grown, fresh, a sense of community and helping one another

I don’t understand why I feel grubby after I have been cleaning the house

I don’t understand how so much dust gets into my house

I don’t understand these things and so much more however I don’t need to. I only need to understand how to be a decent, kind and caring human being and do my best always x

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