Relaxed and rejuvenated

I have been thinking all day about writing today’s tid bit and not had any idea as to what I was going to write. Last evening I had a thought or two and instead of noting it down, I entrusted it to my memory. Well, didn’t I soon realise this morning that wasn’t a smart thing to do!

This weekend, despite errands to do, has been such a lovely, totally enjoyable and relaxed one. I cannot recall the last time I have felt this relaxed. It is such an awesome feeling and a great reminder of the need for it on a regular basis. We all need to take stock sometimes and recharge. We had some lovely time with beautiful people and a totally relaxed morning at our favourite café today; the greeting I received from one of the young waitresses was just so gorgeous, I could have given her a hug!

In my relaxed state I realised that it has been three weeks now since I last drove due to my leg injury. I am surprised that I hadn’t had big withdrawal symptoms by now. In fact, it has been nice to be driven around since I have been able to get out and about again. I am missing not being able to go out when I would like to, however I am ever so cautious not to try and do anything too soon and set my recovery back a few steps. The pain sticks vividly in my memory, that’s for sure. Funny hey, how that does and I can’t remember something from yesterday!

I hope your weekend has been as relaxed and lovely and enjoyable and pleasant as mine. Take care and let’s see what this week brings us x

Photo credit: Bess-Hamiti

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