And it’s gone……..

Those who know me well know that I am somewhat of a sentimental woman. I cherish items given to me by my loved ones. They hold value for me; to begin with, the mere fact they enjoy giving me gifts and the time and effort involved is meaningful. This is from a drawing by a grandchild (even a squiggle on a piece of paper from the youngest of them) to something made by them and to the gifts they have shopped for. These are the items I will hold onto for as long as I can.

I grew up in an era where almost anything could be fixed. If something broke, you either fixed it yourself or would know someone who could do it for you. Sometimes you would be called upon to be the fixer. I loved this time. Items lasted and lasted. There was joy in putting something back together or getting it working again. Skills were learned and time was spent being productive with loved ones.

This has stayed with me over the years. If at all possible, I still prefer to fix something than go out and purchase a replacement. I am challenged by the rather disposable society that exists today. If I cannot fix it, I am rather keen on finding a replacement that is being recycled through the myriad of secondhand sale groups or charity shops.

Likewise, if I have a surplus item, I pass it on to a charity organization or pay-it-forward to someone who can make use of it. I rarely can bring myself to throw something in the rubbish that still has use. So this month onwards, I am passing on an item every week to someone else. I have a collection of surplus household items that we have been given or collected over time. I feel good when I see the joy on a person’s face when I pass something on. My only hope is that they will pay-it-forward to someone else when they too have more than they need.

It is so good to ‘let it go’. This also applies for the notions, beliefs and ideals we store in our minds too. Not unlike the physical items that you pass on which makes room in your home, there is an uncluttering of the mind when we choose to discard a notion or belief that does not serve us well any longer. It is freeing to have it move out of the cosmoses within your minds and also then seems to positively impact on your physical space as well. It is kind of like feeling the lightness after a weight has been lifted.

We find ourselves at times hanging on to the tangible as well as the perceived. We need to evaluate the benefit or impact these have upon us. Do they serve a purpose in our lives anymore? Is it helpful to hold onto this? Would it be beneficial to pass this on? These are questions worthy of asking yourself.

Even though there may be challenges it letting it go, both before and at the time, once it is done, it is gone. And gone means it is no longer occupying either your physical, mental or emotional space. There is value in this too. On my journey I have been challenged many a time to let things go and each time I have, I have not only survived the experience, I have grown richer for it.

Photo credit: Jackie Ramirez @pixabay

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