Resilience is said to be the ability to and process of adapting to one’s circumstances and bounce back from the adversity, trauma, tragedy or stresses. With this said, it would seem that we are almost always in a state of resilience. Most commonly would be the everyday stresses we deal with or attempt to manage. We are constantly adapting to these to ensure we accomplish what is important to us.

This morning my resilience is being tested. Workman arrived here early to commence their task of putting in a portion of concrete driveway. I was aware they were coming today however I had not given it any great thought or preparation beyond how we will get in and out of our property as the driveway is the only access point and having to park our vehicle on the street for a couple of days whilst the concrete cures.

The early morning arrival wasn’t going to be an issue. Unbeknownst to me the night before, little did I know that I was going to wake a couple of hours before their expected arrival and would be feeling rather tired and ready for a nap by then. Also, I couldn’t have foreseen that my sensitivities were going to be elevated this morning. Loud sounds/noise is a challenge for me at the best of times and especially first thing of my day. Oh wow, wasn’t I in for a surprise and test of my ability to manage! I had not given any thought to the loudness of the machinery that was going to be used. In the height of the noise I was thinking that it would have been helpful if I had planned to be elsewhere when this work was happening. Where would I go though, this early in the morning?

My dogs too were unsettled with folks they didn’t know being in their environment and the unusual loud noise they are not accustomed to. Our neighbourhood is rather quiet-ish (with the exception of some neighbours’ dogs and some traffic). I spent some time reassuring them all was okay whilst trying to cope myself. I don’t think my older dog was convinced. The expression on his face said as much.

The workmen have been diligent and very polite when they needed to speak to me. They seem to have achieved quite a lot in the last couple of hours and thankfully at the moment there is a reprieve from noise. I am savouring every second of it! I am also bracing myself for the next round.

Over the coming couple of days, with my sore leg, I am going to have to maneuver over the front fence which thankfully is at a height that I should be able to manage without much issue. Perhaps I will not go anywhere until the driveway is accessible again and that solves that problem. My partner and any visitors will also need to hurdle this fence. Before now I hadn’t really given it much thought about there being no other entry besides the driveway.

I am counting on resilience being my best friend today to help me through in a way that means I can manage without going into a screaming heap. I am requiring it to ensure I cope with my heightened sensitivities. I need it to assist me in achieving my task list and have stamina to last the day out. It will be helpful in practicing patience and tolerance. Oh my resilience, how I need you to endure today!

My wish for you is that you always have your resilience walk beside you and assist in your times of need. Take care one and all. Be resilient and go forth! x

Photo credit: Shepherd Chabata@pixabay

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