Life happens

No matter what plans you have and even if you have invested great effort in their preparation, there is a good chance something may not go according to plan. Why would I think like this? Why would I be saying this?

Surely people who make great travel plans or plans for any period of time over the year would not be thinking like this. Why would they be thinking that something will happen that will alter their itinerary? If everyone thought like this then what would anyone achieve? People would say it is not going to happen, so why even try in the first place?

Life happens. That is why even the best laid plan and intentions can be differed. Life is forever and always changing; it does not remain stagnant. Just think about it, our days are not ever exactly the same. There are always different circumstances and variables each and every day.

It is a skill to remain flexible in life and what it offers you. If you choose to attempt to remain rigidly stuck to your intent for your days, you are likely to experience great angst. You are fighting against a force you cannot control. What you can influence though is your flexibility of thought and the reactions you have.

We all like to have a certain number of events or the like going our way during our days. It is a sense of achieving goals you have set yourself. Some days you will be able to tick all your items on your list and other days you may be lucky to tick two. This is where you need to remember that life happens; to each and every living creature on this planet.

Try to remember this next time your friends have to cancel plans you have together or family can no longer attend that event or help you out with a task or two. Remembering that it is merely life at play and not anything against you personally will help you respond to them from a place of understanding and kindness. There are times no doubt that life has or will affect you and you will hope for their understanding and compassion.

So whatever you do today, let life happen and embrace it. Acknowledge if any moment is uncomfortable in the beginning then accept it is how it is and is what it is meant to be. Celebrate your achievements, no matter how few or many. Show some understanding to others when things don’t go according to their plans and be kind towards them. Life happens to all of us – some of it great and some of it not so good. Be compassionate. Be empathetic. Be caring x

Image: Gerd Altmann

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