Change of View

The days roll along, we are wrapped around by many a task or ten like a blanket on a cold day, challenges are hurled at us and wham, out of seemingly nowhere comes a mammoth day that finds us digging deep within to extract some semblance of resilience to try and salvage any form of sanity.

Our understanding of what a boat endures when it is tossed about by big waves grows enormously. A feeling of ill hits hard in the pit of the stomach and questions fleet across the mind; is this sea-sickness or did I eat something that doesn’t agree with me or hang on, wait a minute, have I even eaten at all today?

Muscles begin to ache throughout the body as if one has completed a marathon work-out. Shoulder muscles tighten, pulling on the neck. Legs become restless. Fingers yearn to be stretched. Yawns are frequently emerging. Eyes water and feel heavy. The mind whispers to the body ‘it is okay, just take a little nap’.

The body doesn’t lie down and rest, so the mind increases the chatter at a volume difficult to tolerate. Breaths are shallower. Lethargy pays a visit, again. Body and mind go into battle, both surging for victory.

Stop. Deep breath in; slow breath out. Repeat. Slow everything down. What is going to be most helpful in this moment? The answer lands so gracefully like a feather floating through the air coming to rest in one’s hand – a change of view.

The change of view may merely occur by a change of thought so you gain a different perspective and that is suffice to calm your body that feels like it is firing on all cylinders and then some. All consuming overwhelming thoughts may dominate however and this seems unachievable.

Change the physical view. Go for a walk. Breathe in fresh air and fill those lungs. Bathe in sunshine. Feel the breeze dance across your skin. Notice the calm slowly and surely returning to your body.

Change your view. Gravitate to those who nourish your soul. Engage in life with them. Study their face as they smile and notice their eyes. Feel their warmth radiate into the air around you. Listen intently to the notes of their laughter. Notice the calm slowly and surely returning to your body.

Change your view. Switch the view from the troublesome and difficult to upbeat and enjoyable. Find your favourite music and let the beat, lyrics and melody lift your spirits and release the tension from your body. Notice the calm slowly and surely returning to your body.

Change your view. Take time in your kitchen and prepare yourself nourishing, nutrient dense foods to support your body to recover from all it is enduring at present. Fresh colourful vegetables and fruits brighten your view too, lifting the darkness overshadowing you.

Change your view. Go to a green space and soak up the abundance of oxygen. Walk barefoot, feeling the textures and grounding. Let this experience centre you. Notice the calm slowly returning to your body.

Take the time to slow all in your world down, including your mind and make room for calming by changing your view. Give yourself this space for restoration and rejuvenation so your resilience will serve you well when your next mammoth day comes around.

Change your view as often as you can. Take care one and all x

Image: my own taken at Ponto Falls Wellington NSW Australia July 2015

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