Done it again….

I woke early once again this morning after only a few hours sleep. My mind decided to ‘switch on’ despite it being not even 5am yet. My body was so not impressed and less than enthusiastic or ready to be greeting the day just yet.

My brain was then like a set of weighing scales, alternating the loading of weights on one side then the other in order to determine whether I should rise and commence my day or try for more sleep. Was a balance going to be struck here? Not likely.

The thoughts came at a pace that had it been my body moving physically, I would have been able to give Usain Bolt a run for his money! Different ideas came to me and some plans were drafted and as I came closer to the decision to get out of bed, my body succumbed to a slumber once more.

And I had done it yet again. My ideas and thoughts and plans vanished as sleep took over. Upon waking my body felt like it had been run over by a convoy after a couple of rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson. Needless to say, I was not the victor and had no hope against the convoy.

My Sunday has been a slow paced one and I have achieved some tasks. I am not concerned about having a slower more restful day; it is imperative that I do. My mind is now attempting to convince my body though that it needs to restore a bit more so I can do an important errand later on.

I am hoping with some more time at my desk, some of those ideas and thoughts will slowly return to my grey matter space. Lesson learned; write them down or get up and action them immediately. Sleep may be a possibility later.

Out will come my trusty stationery now so the notes can be jotted, the plans drafted and the ideas released. I love my desk space – and an idea just returned! I had an idea for changing the items on my desk around to see if that would feel even better than it does now. Oh yay, glad the grey matter is firing again!

Have a wonderfully relaxed and enjoyable day folks. Take care x

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