Blue Sky and Sunshine

Ah the pure joy and dare I say exhilaration of being in an outdoor space, casting an eye toward the blue sky and seeing the sunshine beaming down on all that was around me.  The change of scenery was so desperately needed and I was so very much hankering for a coffee from my most favourite of all coffee shops ever. My soul was soothed as soon as I was about to enter through the door. I perused the options of delectable delights to accompany my mug of latte on almond, to tickle my taste buds and awaken my senses. A raspberry and white chocolate muffin was selected albeit not the wisest of choices however I was determined to give myself a treat so I was happy with my selection.

I savored the minutes that turned into an hour and then some, observing the world around me. Noticing the different folks walking by and giving smiles when I caught their eye gave me a sense of belonging. A brief exchange of words accompanied by a very broad smile from a woman as she passed by was warmly welcomed.

There was such a sense of excitement from being outside the confines of the four physical walls of my home as well as out of the four walls of mental confinement. Being at home so often on my own, same view day in day out has given me a whole new appreciation for the different views available to me at any given time. I was getting cabin fever from seeing the same features every day and the only way to improve that was to change my view; physically locating myself somewhere else. With this, my mental view shifted also. New thoughts to occupy the mental space of an otherwise frazzled mind.

The pleasantness I witnessed of the people going about their day was refreshing. My soul was being soothed by all that I saw, all that I could smell, all that I could hear and all that I could feel not the mention all that I could taste too! The air was fresh and warm. The leaves on the trees were a bright green. The sky was such a pretty shade of blue. Participating in this world, in this day and enjoying my life was so mentally rejuvenating.

I am so very much looking forward to my next outing to have yet another view. I am eagerly anticipating what I may discover in those moments. My soul has been awakened. My hunger for life has been reactivated. My yearning for learning has been escalated. Look out world; I am coming out to enjoy you!

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