Friday on my mind…..

Oh how I miss the Friday evening social club events from years ago when I was still working full-time. They were great nights with laughs, lots of stories and interactions with people on a more personal level rather than work related and very enjoyable moments with good folks. Quite often a delicious meal would be on the agenda as well.

These days I spend the majority of my time at home by myself and not merely during the day. I do enjoy my own company and peaceful time home alone however I do also miss time with good friends and the opportunities for meeting new people.

The only way to change my current view is to physically change where I am. I am being open to discovering new interests or groups that I can become involved in as well as events in my area I could attend now that my mobility has returned with my knee recovery.

I seek a balance of my own peaceful time to be creative and partake in what nourishes my soul and time with people who stimulate my mind and senses. Circumstances have led me to be in my current situation however action will take me to a different place altogether.

There is a life to be lived and I am yearning to live it. I can, I will, I must, I shall x


Image: Susanne @ pixabay

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