Lessons of Life

Today on my Mumma Sue’s View Facebook page, I have focused on the theme ‘Lessons of Life’. We are so very fortunate to have so many opportunities during our lifetime to be able to learn very valuable lessons and gain insight from our own experiences and that of others.

From my earliest memories, I am aware that I was being taught about navigating life whether it was deliberate or by chance. Such things as how to speak to people to gain their trust and respect, doing the right or proper thing, doing your best effort, having a go and if it didn’t work out for the best, it wasn’t a mistake, it was an opportunity to learn that way wasn’t the best, so try a different way next time just occurred throughout my childhood.

Some of us are surrounded by great teachers whilst others have people around us very much still learning how to traverse their life path and are not able to impart as much wisdom and life learning upon us. People will gravitate to us when we need to learn something new and they have the knowledge to share.

Many lessons we will acquire through our very own experiences; be they brutal and harsh or of the more subtle kind. We may either ourselves discover or see others having the same experience over and over as we or they have either not been receptive to the lesson life was providing or not capable at the time of being aware of what they were being educated on.

No matter who you are, which country you reside in or what your life journey involves, there is always without a doubt, lessons to be learned along the way whether we are conscious of them or not. Life offers us opportunities for gaining knowledge and wisdom; it is what we do with it that then counts. We can resist the educational experiences or we can embrace them for personal growth in order to move towards being the better version of ourselves always. It is up to us and our choices. Above all, enjoy the lessons of life; they are valuable and necessary for a life lived well.

Image: John Hain@pixabay

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