Soulful Reflections

On the eve of the celebration of beginning my blog and Facebook Page, I reflect on the past four months with all that they have entailed. There have been some really great highs and some very low lows in that time, in terms of life in general and accompanying challenges.

Each day I am hungry to interact on my page and to do some writing. The page wins out most of the time and the writing, well the topics and ideas come to me at most inopportune moments. I am still far from where I wish to be in terms of this project and have vision and plans in mind. I will continue and I will strive to achieve what I have set out to do. It is a hunger I am neither able nor willing to ignore anymore.

I am so very grateful for all the support, inspiration and encouragement I have received along this part of my journey. There are folks who have been with me from the get-go of this and others who have just joined me. This is my motivation; the wonderful people who interact with me offering up a few words, quite unbeknownst to them and often when I am not having the easiest of days, that spur me on to do more.

An outing this morning; albeit relatively brief, refreshed my soul as did a conversation with a special person who always inspires me without her knowing it. The afternoon will be alternating rest with completing tasks. I am sure before I know it; another evening will be zooming by with great speed and the dawn of a new week not far away.

I look forward to the week ahead to work towards achieving some goals. Each step is a step closer to my ideas becoming actions that become outcomes. Each word from my lovely Mumma Sue’s View community and interaction with members is a motivator to do more. Hearing that something I say, divulge, raise or question helps someone fills me to the brim with utmost joy and happiness.

Thank you each and every one of you; you make a difference in my days. Until next time, take care, rest, rejuvenate and restore x

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