Mental Massage

Mental Massage

For me, of late, the most difficult part about writing is either topic or just making a start. I have read that once you began, get a word or two down, then the rest will follow. It is often the case when I am sitting with mental paralysis. If only I sit at my trusty laptop and begin, a ripple turns into a flow and before long, I have a piece written.

In the case of poems, I need to write them out by hand; that is the way that works for me and once I attempted to write one at my laptop and it was painful. I think the fluidity of the pen across the pages of my notebook helps with the rhythm of the words into the poem I wish to create. I love that I am able to use a mixture of mediums to convey my message or thoughts.

With poems, they are almost unstoppable. When one begins in my mind I am almost like a crazed person in need of getting it down on paper as swiftly as possible; I have pen as fast as I can.  With my musings I can happily sit either with pen and notebook anywhere or at my desk on my laptop and away I go, clicking the keyboard, pausing on occasion then off again at a crazy speed. It has been a very long time since I sat a typing speed test and it has crossed my mind as to what speed I am now typing at. I am so grateful also that I can touch type.

I have a few short stories, very much in their early draft form. I am yet to find my rhythm and routine with working on them. I am keen to get them completed then some more in the works and then of course is the book that I have ideas for that has not been kicked off yet. Yes, lots to be done. Lots more words to be written, paragraphs formed, chapters shaped, thoughts to share in my musings and so much more on my planning sheet.

I read this quote below and find it is so apt. It is such a release to expel some of the many thoughts and ideas that consume my grey matter not dissimilar to the release of tension from the muscles in one’s body from a soothing massage. Great exercise for it too; the old adage – ‘use it or lose it’.

So there is much more to come from me over the coming months, all going well.



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