One Small Seed

This past week I have had interactions with lovely folks I have not seen in a very long time. One, I have contact with from time to time, shooting each other messages when time permits. The other two, neither I have seen for ages and am yet to find a way to get back in more regular contact with each of them.

Each one of these lovely souls has something different and warming to offer. A dear old friend with great enthusiasm for life, reminding me that we really do need to do our best to live each day as full as we can, then there is the old relative that I feel like I am ‘home’ around them, so comfortable and conversation that stimulates and excites my soul and then the acquaintance that is always a joy to see and briefly exchange a snapshot of our lives since we last bumped into one another.

These occasions set the seed into the soil of my being, ready for me to nurture it and watch it grow in order to bring more of these occasions into my future days. I have had more than my fair share of time under the one roof, restricted by injury and circumstances. Thankfully, there are ways to keep in touch with those closest and dearest who has helped keep me semi sane over the last several months yet my soul is yearning for more, on an intended basis.

It is in the coming moments that I need to take charge and reconnect with those lovely people who have graced my days in the past and left me with a beautiful happiness within when we have parted. It is also time to venture forth and pursue a few interests that have been on the drawing board for a while now. Finding a way to fit in my daily tasks and current passions along with connections with both old and hopefully new friends will be an interesting feat; one I am sure I will be able to manage as my soul is fed more and more from living life and being around those who nourish and invigorate it.

Strolling around one of the many stationery stores I enjoy browsing in, considering items I would like to purchase both in the near future and ones with much savings under my belt, I had a sense of the future waiting with open arms, saying ‘it is about time you looked ahead to what is in front of you, I have been waiting for this moment for some time’. It is almost a feeling of freedom that is coursing through my being, having flung layers of issues off so I am no longer weighed down, allowing me to emerge with strong legs, ready to forge my way towards the open fields of free spiritedness.

Time for me is coming; I sense it within. What that means for me, I am eager to find out with excited anticipation. I am a strong believer in things in life happen for a reason, often one that is unknown at the time, yet it becomes clear later on. I can reflect and view certain events or occurrences in my life one of two ways. I can grumble about them or I can look for the benefits of what happened, what I learned, the strength I gained and what wisdom I can take from them forth with me on this next section of my journey.

I cannot wait to enjoy my every tomorrows, as much as possible. Bring them on! x



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