Silent Screams Within

Silent screams coming from within

What is wrong asks the keen observer?

My reply is ‘Where do I begin?’


Just a little thing that is all it was

Another one on top of the others

That caused all my thoughts to be in a buzz


Don’t sweat the small stuff

That is what I am told

Yet within I feel I have almost had enough


One little thing all on its own

Is easier to handle and dismiss

Not so when the number have grown


Day after day, week after week

Rolls into months then soon into years

Questions asked, answers are what I seek


These are a fraught attempt

A hope to get a response to understand

Trying to keep at bay, the feeling of resent


If only I could be more tolerant

Be at peace with the way it is

Maybe then within, I could hush the hollering


The answers I seek do not come

Hang in there a little longer says a voice

Maybe tomorrow will be a better one


Hopes vanish and energies fade

Scant communications have become the norm

Sometimes merely as a means to evade


Reality is waiting and ready to be seen

Acknowledging that is only part of the battle

Grief rolls in for what was and what could have been


The screams inside soften to a very low hum

Energies are all but depleted

Will tomorrow be the end, with the setting of the sun?




Image credit: mary1826@pixabay


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