Shift In Time; a poem

Shift in time

A shift is coming; it is felt in the air

A shift is coming; some time, some place, somewhere

Sounds of optimism spread by the birds shrill

It is coming, that shift; one day for sure, it will

Sunshine’s cloak of positivity soaks into all it reaches

Far across the lands from mountain areas to the beaches

Soft breezes spring up to carry away our woes

Floating off into the distance as far as they can go

A shift is coming, that is for certain

To blanket the sadness and bad times; pull the curtain

The world has been through enough and so much more

It is time to embrace one another, welcoming each through our door

Light up the faces of others, their days and their lives

Cast joy and infectious happiness in multiples of fives

Watch as the shift begins to move forward

Taking shape with an enthusiasm one can only applaud

Reaching out and connecting with our fellow man

Benefits us all in more ways you would believe it can

Share knowledge, laughter, stories and much more

This is what we grace this very earth for

There is more than enough darkness in our world

Time for each of us to do our part to change what is hurled

Spread good vibes, happiness, joy, love and laughter

We get only this chance now, no more when life is over or after


Shift to a better world is in our hands

Image credit: moritz320@pixabay


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