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Injustice to Ourselves

One of the biggest injustices that we can do to ourselves, is entertain what someone else thinks or tells us that we should do.  Besides this, worst still, is living by another person’s ideology. Their idea of how to spend our time and what path to take on our life journey; this is a greater injustice.

How can this serve us well? What will happen to the essence of us if we live by someone else’s agenda? Poignant questions worth asking I believe. Therefore, I encourage anyone living their life by someone else’s agenda, to ask yourself these questions.

It is helpful to listen to our own inner voice and intuition rather than giving anyone else the unspoken authority to dictate what they believe is best for us. Listening intently to these will guide and lead us to live our true purpose so we can then be our authentic self. Furthermore, when we are in this state of being, it is when we are truly ‘living’; we are no longer merely existing.

In a state of existence where our values and purpose align, we thrive. As do we when we surround ourselves with like-minded people that possess our same values. This leads to the building of wonderful connections that elevate and support us in the most amazing and joyous ways.

Steering clear of those folks that wish to impart upon us their ideology and manipulations of how we best live our lives, is a beautiful justice to and way of, honouring ourselves.

If you are not living your own life, your own way, one that lights you up and inspires, please consider the cost you are paying emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This precious life we have isn’t a practice run; we only have here and now to be happy in the moment, loving and living.

Injustice when one overbears another


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