Time to Write but need Inspiration?



Time to write, now what shall it be?
A piece about hope, love or happiness.
Shall it be a fictional story or essay even,
Perhaps it will be about me.

Inspiration and ideas don’t always come,
Ready and willing to be penned.
Thoughts of everything else interrupts,
It takes determined application by some.

Many a distraction can easily be found,
This task to complete, that chore to be done.
Why can it be so difficult to sit,
And let the many words abound?

Whispers of criticism or self-doubt,
Will happily invade your headspace.
Determined to thwart your creativity,
To prevent the words coming out.

You must be stronger to overcome,
Those persistent nagging whispers.
For expression and creation are beautiful,
Replace those whispers with your own special hum.

Grab pen and paper with all your might,
Pick up determination to carry along.
Hum away loudly and lock your focus,
Let the words appear in your line of sight.

You can do it, that’s for sure.
Create something from within.
Banish the doubts and tap into the muse,
For no-one has read these words from you before.

Time to write.

time to write

Some time ago I wrote about the challenges of writing. You can read it here in Words, sometimes do not come easily

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