A Challenge – Poem by Sue Nolan

There is a lovely lady I met last year at an Author Talk. Since then we had been trying to establish a writing group. For one reason or another, the planets didn’t align for that.  However, now, at her suggestion, she and I, are going to be writing buddies. We will exchange our work with each other for feedback. Hence, the monthly Writing Challenge was born and today, I send her my January offering.

This poem came very shortly after we had first discussed this idea. I sent it to her to show that our chat had triggered my creative juices to flow; she loved it. Hope you enjoy also, and may it inspire you with your challenges. 



(written by Sue Nolan)


Am I up for this challenge?

You bet I am.

Can I do this challenge?

Yes, I can.

Procrastination be gone,

Focus start here.

Fear take a hike,

My mind be clear.

Word after word,

Form appears.

Sentences take shape,

A page, near.

One page, two,

Three and four.

Soon there are many,

Many more.

A story, a book,

What will it be?

Challenge accepted,

Now it’s up to me.


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Photo: Sue Nolan


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  1. This poem had me reading in a rhythm of sorts and that helped it flow seamlessly. Keep writing and sharing my friend because I truly look forward to reading your posting.

    Shirl Crimmins Smith

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