When I Am Thrown A Curve Ball


Thankfully, when I am thrown a curve ball these days, it is usually a minor interruption to my plans.

Over the years I have learned how to manage these curve balls of life.

Yes, over years; I was not one to learn and implement that learning in a short space of time.

Sometimes, I needed the life lesson repeated several times before I was able to learn what was helpful for me.

These days, I am much more centred. I can let things go readily and trust what is happening; that it is doing so for a very good reason.

My stress levels have been significantly reduced since I am able to just go with the flow of life.

I am not able to offer profound solid advice here on strategies on how to reach this state.

For me, I can clearly remember the experience yet not how it came to be.

I awoke one morning and felt different; almost free.

It was like a ‘switch’ had been flicked somewhere within me and I was no longer riddled with stress.

Now, I have a very close beloved friend who patiently coached me for years to attain this state. Yet I was not able to get there despite his calm and consistent approach.

Perhaps the ‘switch’ was all of that coming together and circumstances aligned. I do not have a clear answer on this.

Maybe one day how I came to be in this state will become clear.

In the past few days, my plans and what each day has brought, have not been in sync.

This did not throw me, nor did I become stressed. I trusted in myself and the need for self-care under these circumstances.

With this calm, I have been able to conserve my much-needed energy and focus on what I needed to accomplish.

When I was able to attend to my tasks and passion, being centred and calm, facilitated greater productivity.

Thus, I have been able to reach my goals, in smaller bite-size chunks rather than the bigger picture I had planned.

For now, I truly express gratitude for the personal growth I have achieved so far in my life journey.

I am proud of myself for continuing to seek ways of being a better version of myself tomorrow, than I am today.

Life is beautiful, curve ball and all.


Another piece I wrote on life, late 2017, can be read here: Life Happens


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Image credit: Pete Linforth at Pixabay




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