Intuition – do you follow yours?

Intuition, or that ‘gut feeling’ that we get, I believe, serves us very well.

Do you follow your intuition?

Over the years, my own intuition has improved and fine-tuned itself. I am very grateful for this.

I am a strong follower of my ‘gut feeling’. It has not ever let me down.

The rare occasions I chose not to listen to it, I have been disappointed in myself and the outcome. I wrote about such an occasion in Dark Hours

At present, I am getting very consistent and strong intuitive feelings about an over-arching project that I am in the throes of planning for next year.

Trusting this inner sidekick is showing me that I can confidently move forward with my ideas.

There is a great area of unknown with the next venture I will embark upon yet the ‘gut feeling’ reminds me that it is the right path for me to be taking now.

So, where does this intuition or ‘gut feeling’ arise from?

According to The Free Dictionary, the definition of ‘gut feeling’ is – “an intuition or instinct, as opposed to an opinion based on a logical analysis.”

This article gives a description and scientific reason to this question – What Is A Gut Feeling

Hence, from learning what happens if I do not listen and follow my intuition, I have since given it the attention it rightly deserves.

My ‘gut feeling’, intuition and instinct, will be my guide on this next chapter in my story. A lot of what I am planning, is going to be new territory and a lot to learn.

Therefore, it will be imperative for me to trust my inner guide and allow it to assist me in my decision-making and directions I am to take.

The good ol’ ‘gut feeling’. Do you follow yours?


Image credit: John Hain


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