5 Stories Begging to be Written

Writing Mojo Returns

‘Write me’ begs each of the five stories sitting in project folders on my computer.

As those who follow my writing and read my newsletter would know, my writing mojo has finally returned. It had spent a few months in hibernation. Life circumstances was the catalyst. Focusing my energies into survival was the primary reason I did not attempt to force the muse.

Alas, spending this time focusing my energies where needed resulted in my mojo awakening when the time was right. Even though at the time of awakening, I did not realise that I was ready. My, how uplifting it was to have the mental energy, and desire to write again!

One day recently, as part of a planning session, I took a good look at the folders on my computer. This sparked a short period of re-organisation. I soon discovered that there are five main stories as potential writing projects. As I perused each, thoughts and feelings around the ideas arose.

Stories to be written

Currently, one of these is a Work in Progress (WIP). It is in its infancy. Yet, it is further along than any other story idea I have had or begun as a writing project. The working title is ‘Sleepless in Serenity Hills’. A very brief synopsis of it is:

‘Stephanie finds herself at a place in life, and location, she had almost dared to hope for. Just when she finds the serenity she is seeking, the traumas of her past and a secret, jeopardise her happiness.’

The other story ideas that I envision as future projects are:

  • ‘Inside Out’ – a non-fiction book about my journey with Fibromyalgia
  • ‘Breaking Free’ – a memoir about escaping from negative people and situations, that were emotionally and mentally harmful
  • ‘The Little Bookshop’ – a fictional story of Kate, who leaves a corporate job to open a quaint little bookshop. Soon, an older gent is a regular visitor and a friendship blossoms. He, like Kate, has made a big life change recently.
  • ‘Me, myself and I’ – another memoir of some pivotal times during my life

Coming to mind also, is a brief fictional piece I wrote called ‘An Unforgotten Night on the Mountain

I received several comments from my readers suggesting and asking me to continue this story. It too, will likely become another writing project in the future.

Onward and upward

At looking at all this, there is a dizzying excitement with ideas buzzing and the possibility of these stories becoming finished works. Coupled with this feeling, is also trepidation and a sense of jittery overwhelm (can I do it?). I bring myself back to a calm space, as I remember, that I have my lifetime ahead of me to accomplish this. My goal is to achieve a completed manuscript for each writing project and publish all of them.

There is no shortage of creative ideas for me to flex my writing muscles. Managing my time, to incorporate writing into every day is the challenge I am working on at present. And I could not be happier for this challenge – my mojo is back, and this is what I wish to, and need to do for the rest of my life.

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