Funny Coincidence or Was it?

Funny, I sat at my desk, laptop on and ready for me to start pounding the keys. My chest was puffed out with satisfaction at my productivity and achievements all week. Then! Oh yes, there was a then.

Funny, a search for the document I had started a couple of weeks ago, was proving to not be its usual simple act. A scour through my file structure and folders in case it had somehow landed in a different folder. This resulted in a puzzled demeanour on my part.

Funnily enough, I had been on a phone call with my wonderful Writing Buddy, not even half an hour before. We had been trying to resolve a similar issue. Emails sent with her latest creative writings, had either not been received or were missing from her Sent Folder.

Eventually, after back and forth, conferring on received and sent emails, we established the last document I had received. Just as we were sighing with relief, she double-checked my last email to her. Ah! The document was showing the same page number on five pages.

Gremlins I tell you! They sure have been having some fun. Cheeky things.

Funny though, this then led to me reviewing my file and folder structure on my portable hard drive. I reorganised, tidied, and sat back examining it with another sigh of relief. Task complete. Hooray.

What was the original task I had set out to do? Ah yes, open the document and finish the draft.

Funny how I could chuckle at the way this unfolded. At another time in the past, I would probably have felt exasperated and walked away to clear my head.

Thankfully, humour prevailed today. I had a little giggle and accepted that I was meant to write something different. This was to be today’s contribution to my writing journey.

Funny how humour can be with us sometimes, and not at other times, when it would be helpful.

I am sure my sense of humour took a long holiday without me. There was little I found funny. Laughter was infrequent. I am glad it has joined me once more and hopefully it stays as my companion from here on.

May your day bring with it some humour and laughter – and if not, you are welcome to have a giggle at my expense. Chuckle away friends.

When you find yourself with a challenge, and you cannot find the funny side, this poem may be helpful – A Challenge

funny laughter

“Laughter” by Neshika Bell is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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