On A Transformational Journey

I will be candid

Embarking on a transformational journey was not in my consciousness until very recently.

Just over two weeks ago, I was in a space that was not optimal for my well-being. Mornings were a drudgery; I dragged myself out of bed for the purpose of duty. Plans or a schedule for my day was loosely put together. I existed through the hours doing a little of what lights up my soul, and a lot of things that were mind-numbingly monotonous. It was predominantly a bland time sprinkled with few joyous moments.

Several factors led to this, including the isolation under the Stay-At-Home Orders due to an outbreak of Covid-19 in my home city. Years ago I said to loved ones that the quickest way to kill my spirit would be to isolate me on an island, and take away music.

During the lock-down at home, it felt like I was on my own little island boxed in by walls and fences. It was a difficult time to not experience a change of scenery nor be able to visit with loved ones and give them hugs. Thank goodness I still had music, and thank goodness for technology that allowed us to video-chat, share messages in a family group, and have those all-important phone calls.

I was also trying to cope with the knowledge a loved one had become seriously unwell, and this was being kept hush. Not being able to share this with my immediate family, and not being able to share my thoughts and feelings was close to suffocating.

Those two circumstances, and other matters took me into a space that was becoming rather stagnant. I didn’t shower daily nor did I take any particular pride in how I dressed. ‘Who was going to see me anyway’ was my thought process. The one day a week I went out to do the essential food shopping, I showered and dressed nicely, presenting myself well. I felt good on those days.

Sleep was broken almost every night, and in the mornings I awoke feeling unrefreshed and lethargic. I was irritable at the lack of sleep, being house-bound and physically isolated from loved ones, and overwhelmed with emotional challenges.


One thing triggered a change

Tuesday evening two weeks ago, I was restless in mind and body. I was also tired and had a barrage of ruminating thoughts running a marathon through my mind. I knew I needed to quieten my mind so I went on a search for peaceful music. However a podcast caught my attention. It was Jay Shetty’s ON PURPOSE Podcast with Mel Robbins ON: Why You Can’t Stop Procrastinating & How to Eliminate Self-Doubt in 5 Seconds. Little did I know this was the beginning of a transformational journey.

I fell asleep part way through the one hour and twenty-three minute discussion. The next morning I rose and went for a walk. This was a different beginning to my day.

The following morning, Thursday, I attended the Live online Habits of Success workshops presented by Jay Shetty. It began at 4 a.m. (my time), and me, the woman who had been grumpily dragging herself out of bed previously, was now setting her alarm for 3.50 a.m. to be ready for the workshops 4 a.m. start. After that first workshop I went out for another walk.

On Friday morning after the second workshop, I donned my Fitbit, grabbed my earphones and headed out for an intentional walk, listening to the remainder of the podcast I had started a couple of nights earlier. Previously I walked without listening to anything other than nature and let my thoughts flow freely, even if they were not helpful.

I continued to attend the 4 a.m. Live Workshops for the five days it was presented. Upon completion of that course, I chose to become a member of the Genius Community and it has been such an uplifting, valuable, joyous, incredible, amazing experience. It is one of the best things I have done for myself, ever.



From that Friday two weeks ago, I have walked daily in the mornings, and used the strategies Mel Robbins explained during that podcast. I also implemented strategies Jay Shetty shared in “Habits of Success”.

I have established a ritual of laying my walking clothes out in the evening with my shoes, have my Fitbit ready, and upon waking, I dress, grab my earphones, select a workshop in Genius App to listen to, and head off for my walk.

Thus far I have enjoyed a daily walk for sixteen consecutive mornings, including this morning in the rain. I used an umbrella and enjoyed a peaceful walk, passing only three other walkers.

I am enjoying seeing my progress through the weeks that are tracked Monday to Sunday. It includes my morning walk and the incidental walking I do throughout the day.

First Week – I didn’t track my first two walks and in the following three days I walked 13 kilometres in total

Second Week  – I walked 38 kilometres in total

Third Week (this week) – so far I have walked 23 kilometres in total

The last two mornings I have walked further each day, enjoying the new scenery and the extra ‘me time’.

I have also focused on eating cleanly 95% of the time and have re-introduced supplements that support my wellness.

This transformational journey is mind-blowing.



Meditation has become a part of my daily ritual along with walking and workshops.

Fasting from my evening meal until around 9.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. has occurred spontaneously.

Following my morning meal, it is time for journaling. This is both a free-writing session, and one specifically on yesterday’s three wins, today’s three aims, and an insight. Then I complete my Gratitude Journal entry for the day, and finally read the days passage from Simple Abundance – A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

After this, is dry brushing, a mindful shower, and dressing as if I am going to work outside my home. Being dressed up sets my mindset and intention for going to ‘work’ in my Study to write creatively, manage my social media page and group, and expand my knowledge. I have also scheduled in my calendar a time block where I work on Writing Projects and Social Media Administration.

I am amazed at what is developing in my transformational journey.


Noticeable Benefits

The observations and insights have been phenomenal in merely two weeks with my new rituals and mindset. I feel like a new woman, and awaken with energy and enthusiasm for my day.

Even with rainy weather this morning, I couldn’t not go for my walk; I didn’t want to miss that joyous free ‘me time’ that is setting me up for enjoying my full days.

All that has evolved within me over the duration of the last two weeks has brought these benefits:

Improved quality of sleep
Waking energised
Eager for the early morning
Sustained energy throughout the day
Clarity of thought
Improved focus
No lethargy
Irritability gone
Improved resilience
Increased confidence
Calm and centred throughout challenging moments
Improved mindset
Improved creative flow
Increased enthusiasm
Increased consistency

The most profound benefit of my transformational journey is consistency. Without it, all the other benefits would not have occurred, improved, or increased. Previously my consistency was that I was consistently inconsistent. I have greater respect for myself now that I have daily consistency.


Still on a Journey

I am immensely grateful for the alignment of all things that have supported the beginning of this transformational journey. I know deep within my being that I am becoming more of the authentic me, and a better version of myself.

My growth will be ongoing as I continue to build the foundation of my optimal well-being, so I can serve my community of friends who follow my personal and creative journeys.

It is almost unfathomable that fatigue, lethargy and pain were constant companions in the past due to a chronic condition. They are negligible at present. Any discomfort I feel is purely from soreness, not from generalised widespread pain. It seems like I have sent it into a dormant state again.

This is a very exciting time filled with joy, optimism, happiness, enlightenment, insightfulness, clarity, and immense pride. I am more proud of myself in this moment than I have been in the past.

I am eager to discover more along my journey of transformation and how it will assist me to bring light, love, kindness and happiness to all.


transformational journey

Image by John Hain at Pixabay


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  1. Way to go, Sue! Keep inspiring the rest of us with your example. Sometimes it only takes one person to make a huge difference in another life and begin a positive ripple effect. Stay well, my friend. God bless.

    Shirl Smith
    1. Shirl, thank you kindly for your comment. It is heartwarming my blog is inspirational. My mission is to help at least one person, in all that I do. If I have achieved that, I am immensely grateful. Take care my friend x

      Mumma Sue

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