Synchronicity – a beautiful timing

Synchronicity, by definition, is “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible casual connection”.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung developed the concept of Synchronicity in the early 1900’s. He has described them as “meaningful coincidences”.

Synchronicity quote by Carl Jung


Using these definitions and quote, I see that synchronicity has beautiful timing. From three weeks ago through to now, it has been at play. My life has become a symphony of synchronous melody.

I had listened to Jay Shetty’s ON PURPOSE Podcast. The episode was with Mel Robbins on: “Why You Can’t Stop Procrastinating & How to Eliminate Self-Doubt in 5 Seconds”. From that point, I was compelled to take action on the next occurrence that came forth. My mind opened up to possibilities that appear to be endless.

The synchronisation of events has been sublime. I am using them as my guide as I traverse this transformational journey. One event aligns with the next, and that aligns with the next. They present a beautiful platter of opportunities to discover. I am absorbing all that the Universe is serving to me.

One significant outcome of this synchronicity is that I have new mentors. I will learn from, and accept their support for this next chapter of my life. My former life mentor has become too unwell to continue their guidance.

A second significant outcome is that I have gained clarity around the vision I have for my future. This clarity has enabled me to confidently commence action on this new path. It amazes me that in some respects, I have been on a journey that has unknowingly set me up for this next chapter. More to come on this endeavour in the new year.

Much has changed in a mere three weeks. This excites me beyond words for what is possible each and every day of my future.

In closing, I will leave you with a favourite quote:

Synchronicity quote by Denise Linn

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