Shattered Dreams – a poem of a Winter

Shattered Dreams

a poem by Sue Nolan


Dreams hang in the air
Like mist on a Winter’s morn
Damp and scattered
Pieces spreading far and wide

Sunshine fading
Gathering dreams like berries
To carry away in its basket
Disappearing for while

Who will tend these dreams
In the darkness of Winter
Will they be kept nourished
And bundled cosily together

This one may last longer
Unlike most Winter’s before
With a harshness
Barely felt for decades

Soothing promise of Spring sunshine
Seems such a distant hope
Whilst the icicles of shattered dreams
Pierce the flimsy warmth

Landscape bleak and dark
A numbness to endure
Ride this one out
For what else is there to do

One day Spring will arrive
With dreams, old and renewed
A promise of better days
Carried on a warm gentle breeze

Sunshine will soothe
Birds will chirp
And I, like a butterfly,
Will emerge, and fly, once more.


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shattered dreams mend with the promise of Spring


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