Three Wishes – A Poem by Sue Nolan


Three Wishes by Sue Nolan


Three wishes you say, that is what I can have

But why only three Sir?

One and two, are too few,

So, three it is to be, see?


Three wishes you say, my mind is racing

This one or that, how can I choose?

Which one can I pluck,

From the plethora of ideas


Shall I go with commonsense, be practical

Or go on a whim, something carefree

Where do I begin, I still cannot decide?

Too many thoughts for me


Perhaps a single wish, is all I need

One to focus on, just one indeed

So much easier, where there is to be one

The choice can be made, it is done


Would that not be easy, to do that again,

Then there would be two

And do that once more,

See how easy that can be?


Three wishes you say, that is what I can have

Special wishes, for anyone

 Three wishes Sir, that is enough

Please give everyone love, joy and happiness


dandelion for making three wishes

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