Top 5 Favourite Posts for 2019

Hello dear friends,

Can you believe how quickly Christmas arrived and passed?

And now, on the eve of a new year dawning, I am sure we are all thinking that it too, will pass so quickly.

I thought I would finish the 2019 off by having a recap of the Top 5 Favourite Posts. These have been determined by my readers.

These Top 5 Favourite Posts are from the latter half of 2019. I do hope you enjoy them once more.

Many thanks are extended to my Guest Writers for their contribution this year. I love introducing you to their creative works. I wish each of them every success with their writing endeavours in 2020.

Also, my deep gratitude to each of you. I appreciate you spending time reading my Blog posts and commenting on them. Your feedback and encouragement is treasured.

May you all have wonderful passage into the new year. And may it be a prosperous one for you in great health and abundant joy, happiness and love.

All the best wishes and many thanks,

Mumma Sue x


#1 – Coming in at top spot is my Guest Writer, Shirl Crimmins Smith’s Short Story


#2 – This second spot is taken out by my first Guest Writer, Sharon Martin with her Begleri Poem


#3 – Coming in third position is a piece I wrote titled, ‘When I am Thrown a Curve Ball’


#4 – This position is taken by another piece I wrote titled, ‘An Unforgotten Night on the Mountain’


#5 – The final post to take a position in the Top 5 is the piece I wrote titled, ‘Sleep – Thought of the Week’ 


Top 5 Favourite Posts

Image credit: TKaucic @ Pixabay 


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