I am imperfect – and that is okay

Putting my hand up here and acknowledging that I am imperfect, and that is okay.

A good portion of my time is focused on writing for readers of my blog and sharing information on my associated social media.

To this, I add in attending webinars and study on the craft of creative writing and optimal wellness. On top of this, I am writing on my manuscript as well.

All this I find thoroughly enjoyable; it brings me much joy, until……the times when I am unable to do it.

When these periods occur, it disrupts my goal for consistency. I am always striving to be consistent, so I am giving to my readers and honouring my passion.

Therefore, when I am unable to write and share, I feel as though I am letting my readers, and myself down. Here is where I need to be careful with my thoughts, so they are helpful and not berating.

My own measure system, of whether I am doing well or not, can be tougher than I would impose on anyone else. In all honesty, there has been little room for not doing it all.

Slowly I have come to accept that there will be circumstances and life situations that thwart my progress towards my goals.

I have learned that stumble I will, fall I may, but I will always get back up and try again.

My resilience to avoid the stumbles manifesting into falls is not as great as I would like it to be. This is one of many imperfections I see in me. And that is okay. I get back up when I can, and I try again.

My mind may not be as strong as I would like, nor my body, and that is okay. My body is imperfect; ask any specialist I was referred to many years ago (not great for one’s self-esteem to be examined head to toe and advised one positive aspect about my anatomy). So be it – it is how it is. I work around its needs and limitations.

My mental and emotional states are a result of my experiences and how I have come out the other side. Sometimes I have required professional guidance, and that is okay.

Would I like to have greater capacity to not be overly affected by certain situations and experiences? Of course, I would. However, my resilience lies in getting back up and having another crack at it; picking up from where I was and working once more toward my goals.

These imperfections are the very reason I pace myself, give myself adequate recovery time and do not over-commit.

Every day I try to be a little better and do a little better.

I am not a writer with a strict schedule, nor am I striving to be a businesswoman. These are considered downfalls by some.

As you continue to read my offerings and gain insight, you will discover my imperfections. And that is okay. This is me, imperfections, and all. Always, authenticity will prevail. I will never present to you a fabricated persona, attempting to show that I have it all together and an enviable perfect life. I don’t.

All about me is imperfect – and that is okay.

that is okay

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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